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Vamp Nation From Outer Space #4

After heroes encounter Angus in the night club, an epic chase begins; first, on foot, then an automobile chase around town. To complicate matters worst, the police join the chase, which turns into a city-wide manhunt. This issue is packed with high-speed danger and excitement with every turn.

Jason Dyjak, Ted Lody

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

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Vampires have walked among us, dancing on the edge of darkness for millennia. Their ancient society, obscured by shadow, constantly manipulating the fate of mortals to advance their own agenda. For millennia Vampire Hunters have kept the balance between darkness and light, locked in an eternal struggle against denizens of shadow, who prey on the mortal world.” My name is Hunter Lee, I am A Vampire Hunter. A Shadow Dancer with death, taking back the night from the beast, who would consume us all.”

This Graphic Novel is dedicated to the memory of Bellen Lee


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