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VaVaVaVoom! #1

Ed Coutts, Bill Marimon, James Ritchey III, Silvano, Paul Monsky

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 48
The premiere issue features four stories in a variety of art styles: First, Bill Marimon depicts the adventure of Lt. Ann Li, part of the return crew on a deep space mission who awakes from stasis sleep to find horror aboard; then, Silvano draws the tale of a Viking warrior’;s meeting with a mysterious blonde beauty bathing in a lake; next, Jim Ritchey contributes to the action with, “The Ace!,” a story of a novice superheroine battling a local crime syndicate; finally, Ed Coutts delivers a pulp/noir inspired detective story with a heroine patterned after real-life actress, model, and advocate for the deaf community, Jennifer DeLora! VaVaVaVoom! is an anthology of “Good Girl Art” stories in the tradition of the Golden Age of comic books with multiple features telling varied tales of adventure in several different genres all bound together by a focus on competent, skilled, and beautiful female protagonists!


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