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VaVaVaVoom! #3

Paul Monsky Ed Coutts Bill Marimon Atula Siriwardane Jeff Austin Rob Jones Robert Beachler

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 48
“It’s Only Smoke and Mirrors,” with art by Ed Coutts, concludes as Jenn Delora’s travel through time brings her to the present where an old menace must be stopped! Two stories featuring Lt. Ann Li of the International Space Exploration Agency pick up from the events of Issue 1, and provide a different outlook on her appearance in Issue 2, in tales illustrated by Jeff Austin and Bill Marimon! Taryn’s interrogation by the evil wizard, Zu-Nergal, continues but the cunning thief may prove to be more than he expected! Finally, jungle adventurer, Alina Aguilar, goes from the frying pan into the fire when she flees a jungle cat only to become the guest of a drug kingpin! An anthology of good girl art stories featuring intelligent and competent heroines of diverse ethnicities and cultural backgrounds in a variety of genres.


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