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Zener Master Of The Mind Vol 1

Web Bleynat, Alex Dawe, Wan M. MaƱanita

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 206

Zener: Master of the Mind is a story all about Power – Power granted from birth. Power unearned. Power uncontrolled. Power beyond anything that any human has had before. Would such power be a great tool in the hands of its wielder, or would it lead them down a dark path? Or, perhaps, would it lead to their own destruction? This is the life of Axel de Veyra, whose own immense psychic power is about to send his life down an unpredictable path. He’s about to learn that sometimes life is far more complicated than simply making a decision to use his gifts for good or evil. Sometimes life leaves one without any choices at all. With a plethora of outside forces working against him, will Axel rise to justice as NRG’s newest superhero, Zener, or will he fall into darkness as its greatest villain?

Axel De Veyra has the most powerful brain of any human being alive, but in his life it has been more of a curse than a gift. Ever since his powers manifested at a young age he has been under attack. Some people want to steal his powers, others want to kill him, but Axels desire is to become the one thing nobody ever gave him a chance to be: A hero.

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