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Zombie Ranch #06

 Meet Susannah Zane. She’s a rancher. She raises livestock. Only thing is, her stock isn’t technically “live”. A twist on the usual zombie genre (heavily influenced by classic westerns and the modern trend of “dangerous job” reality television), Zombie Ranch follows a crew of cowboys and cowgirls in an alternate, post-apocalyptic future where zombies are wrangled for profit.

 Dawn Wolf, Clint Wolf

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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There’s trouble at the ranch! Last issue the vengeful Muriel McCarty arrived looking to “settle up” on the matter of her estranged son Zeke, a former hand at the Z Ranch who was added to the herd after an unfortunate bite accident. Along with her came most of the McCarty clan, and the unannounced intrusion quickly escalated out of hand as Suzie & co. responded to their demands and threats. Now a man lies shot and things are balanced on a razor’s edge, with only a mysterious stranger left to broker a possible peace before it’s too late…

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