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Zomboy: Kid Hero #0


Thomas Florimonte

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 16

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What happens when you get a bunch of 1st graders together that “Think-Play-Believe” that they live in Super Hero World? Some happen to be Heroes- The Good Guys. Some are Villains- The Bad Guys. While others, they’ innocent bystanders that get beat up alot. This is the Kid Hero World that Tommy AKA Zomboy and his class mates live. They go to school like all other 6 year olds do- ride the bus, go to home room, have recess and eat lunch, blah blah blah… Yep- Normal kid stuff right? Right… But every now-and-then, the Evil Megamind rises up and decides that maybe today is high time to set loose the Block Boys on the Band Department looking for Extream-Supream Power Generator. It is time to finish that Giant Killer Robot that will destroyy everything… Or maybe releases the Freak on the Drama class to steal their dreams… Who knows what the Evil Megamind is up to. But lets hope Zomboy can find out- Maybe at least save the day. OK- Let’ just hope he doesn’ get himself and everybody else killed in the process. But at least be done in time to catch the bus home at the end of the day. So- In the end, is it all real? What’ real? Even if the adults don’, the kids “Think-Play-Believe” that it is. This is the life of a KidHero… Or maybe a KidVillian… Guess we’ have to see. The Zomboy: KidHero adventure begins, or for some, continues once again, as Zomboy gets himself into more trouble than he can handle. Nothings new here. This time he’ up against the Heavy Metal Mayhem of Rock-N-Roll Rick and Metal Head Manny- Non other than the IKONS of ROCK!!! While the ICONs of Rock came armed with music lazer blasting guitars, Zomboy brought his usual- Fast Moves and Insults. Whoot Whoot Who do you think is gonna win this one? All that can be said is, “Don’ cross the streams!”

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