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Absolutely Not For Kids Anthology

Absolutely Not For Kids is an irreverent Zine series featuring the Triumphant Adventures of Sadman and Hate-Bot. It’s a very dumb comic starring a sad guy and a car-shaped robot that says $*!# a lot.

Jonathan Sims, James Coats, Megan Hindman, Sam Locke Ward

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 70

Collecting NFK Issues #1-5 Originally Released 2016-2020 NFK #1 The one where Sadman and Hate-Bot meet Grabman NFK #2 Some pesky ants cause trouble for Sadman and Hate-Bot NFK #3 The mystery of Grabman’s missing friends NFK #4 Violet Hammer visits her husband at the prison NFK #5 The whole gang is here for a spectacular season finale Now in full color! Zine covers and back cover ads are preserved in their original, black-on-bright-paper style. A terrible comic series about haircuts, friendship, cake, and stupidity.

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