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Beyond Neverwonder #1

Tim Georgi

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

It’s a dream, right? Poor Alice thinks she’s seeing things when a mysterious hole appears out of nowhere, a hole that apparently no one else can see. She get a bit too close and ends up in a world where things don’t always reflect reality and the world you see in the mirror may just be the end of all things. It’s Neverland meets Wonderland as worlds collide and Alice may never be the same. But hey, it’s just a dream… Right? Join Alice and her new friends as they battle Beyond Neverwonder. Alice has been forced from her life and moved halfway across the world to Japan as her dad takes a new job and feels out of place. One day at her new school, she sees a hole appear in the ground outside, but only she seems to be able to see it. After seeing a strange rabbit and a fairy go down the hole, eventually her cat, Dinah, leads her back to the school in the middle of the night and causes Alice to fall down the hole. She finds herself in a new, strange world with no way to get out.. What will Alice find down the rabbit hole?



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