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Grand Old Space Opera

Buy a ticket for the greatest show in the galaxy, the Grand Old Space Opera!

Jeff Jones, Bruce Jones, Max Giguere, Jean Pierre Normand, Roy Kinnard, Sam Dela Rosa, Desmond Jones, Bill Neville, Bud Perkins, Trina Robbins, Terry Eaton, Eric Pave, Brent Anderson, Russ Maheras, Butch Guice, Gene Day, Neil Riehle, Willie Elyberg, Mark Lamport, Ric Cruz, Paul Nugli, Frank Cirocco, John Ashter

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 100

Sprawling stories of the starways featuring aloof astronauts, moon men, space sirens, futuristic fears, planetary princesses, apocalyptic amore, Martian maidens, dimensional dinosaurs, armored androids, and a history eraser button! 100 Big Pages!


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