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Memorial #1

Christopher A. Geary, John Parkes, James Lynch, Kendra Hale, William McMahon, Ferg Handley, Robert J. (“Bob”) Sodaro, Patrick Scattergood, Rusty Gilligan, Crispian Woolford, Adam Cheal, Everard McBain, Tim Teague, HdE, Matt Soffe, Greg Kimmett, Martin Hayes, Louis Slater, Brian Spinney, Jay Martin, Mickey Clausen. Paul Kemble, Rob Moran, Joe Gallagher, Phil Leon, Neil McClements, Jason Sylvestre, Bob Joyce, N.S. Kane, Melissa R. Compton, Rob Jones, Kel Winser, Paul Bradford, Stephen Cadigan, Dustin Pageloff, Mike Sambrook, Arthur Gibson

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 112

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Memorial is a sequential art anthology to commemorate those who fought and fell in the course of the first world war, and to benefit the children of the world caught up in the wars still being fought. All proceeds from the book will be donated to Warchild UK.

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