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Midnight Angel Preview

Angel-Marekiel knew only one thing after the “Great War”, to Observe and to guard discorporated souls against evil once it’s left its mortal bond. But then he saw something he’d never seen in all his centuries… Color. It was in the eyes of his last soul, Erica, on the day she was destined to die.

Geo Brawn IV

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 20

Rescued by this mysterious stranger who had no past, Erica was fascinated by him. Soon they would grow to love each other, a love that was also destined to leave. five years and many self-pitying nights pass and the now mortal Marekiel has been paid a visit by the Archangel Gabriel with a message from their creator… “Seek the woman you love and the child you never knew. or this world will fall into eternal darkness.

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