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Prime Cuts #2

John Franklin, Tim Sulka, Stan Maksun

Magazine Type Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

With one quick slash from his sharpened razor, things have gone from pretty crappy to mostly rotten for aspiring barber and revenge-seeker Todd Sweeney. A dead body, the sudden appearance of an androgynous meat inspector and the hovering presence of the local skanks are only sidelining his goals. Why can”t Fate ever work out in his favor?!! Goth mistress and pizza maker Electra Love will handle his mess but she has problems of her own – an incontinent pops and Mad Cow disease. Hmmm… What”s the easiest way to get rid of a dead body when there”s no meat? Find out what”s on the menu in volume 2 of this ongoing series that calls “a mean, gritty, little graphic novel which will make you want to wash your hands after reading it.”

The co-writers and star of Children of the Corn 666 have put a modern spin on the legend of Sweeney Todd in this gruesome and darkly comedic tale of revenge, pizza and mad haircuts. Volume 2 introduces illustrator Stan Maksun who brings a bold and hysterically demented look to the Prime Cuts series!

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