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The Accords #3

The Accords features aseven-characterline up of LGBT individuals running the full gamut of sexual orientation and gender identity. It tackles political and metaphysical themes while maintaining humor and strong characters.

Tony Ortega, Alex Garcia

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

The team rush to the hospital to save Grounder’s life. Grounder appears to be in some sort of coma and neither his medical team nor Corazon seem to know why. Accompanying them is Percy, the son of the bomber. Sire and Michael continue to sort through the wreckage of the Javits Center as Seer has a vision that brings to question her “traitor” status. Corazon tells his origin story to his boyfriend, Raphael, a nurse at the hospital. Grounder wakes up from his coma and reveals he is a former member of the Morticana Order. Just when everything seems to be okay, Michael barges in, demanding custody of Percy.

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