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The Accords #5

The team almost came to blows once again over Percy. Seer, Segura, and Howl found out the rest of the team has Percy; however, Percy has been kidnapped.

Tony Ortega

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

United again, the team confronted Calloway, who had been interrogating Percy with the help of his colleague, Mau. Percy appeared to the team, seemingly in a daze. Calloway invited the team to the presidential rally at Madison Square Garden the next day. Seer confessed to her teammates why she had defected. At the rally the following day, Corazon came up with a plan as the president was somehow able to get his followers to summon a dark angel, who broke through the roof of MSG and sent rubble in the direction of the team. Is Seer’s fatal vision about to come true?

The Accords is an LGBT/Ally comic book series based in present day America. It features a 7 character line up of individuals running the full gamut of sexual orientation and gender identity. It tackles political and metaphysical themes while maintaining humor and strong characters.


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