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Weird Menace #1

Mort Todd,Gray Morrow, Cliff Mott and John Severin

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 48

Mort Todd … His very name means dread terror! Long-time comics writer and artist, editor of Cracked magazine and at Marvel Comics, and creator of the legendary horror magazine Monsters Attack! Outside of comics Mort is an animator, actor, music video director, film and music producer.

Ten wild tales of Weird Menace by Mort Todd! Zombies! Vampires! Demons! Psycho Santa! Rock & Roll and MORE! Bonus origin tale of the Rock Zombies from Mort’s Back from the Grave CD covers! All stories written and drawn by Mort with the help of comics legends Gray Morrow, Cliff Mott and John Severin. Plus an article on Mort’s horror comics career featuring such luminaries as Dan Clowes, Steve Ditko, Adam West, Bill Gaines, Speed Racer, Tura Satana and other cult heroes, lavishly illustrated with pictures and photos.

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