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Zert #4

Aaron Mauldin, Monty Borror, Jesse Saunders

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

Remember that nightmare scenario? The one ‘ people’ said could never happen? Well, guess what… It’s happening. The first shots have been fired… The war of tomorrow starts today. Amidst the chaos, Deathridge finds himself caught in a prison break gone wrong… All the way wrong. As the Keeper’s dark agenda becomes clear, the lines between survival and slaughter are forever tarnished. Difficult decisions must be made… But who can you trust when the world is burning?

From the dark corners of the earth, a secret society has unleashed a horrific plague across the land. As our civilization crumbles, Jameson Deathridge leads an elite Nuclear Strike Team in a global foxhunt to dismember the evil alliance. But the world has grown desperate… New horrors await them at every turn.

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