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Captain 4 Eyes

Shannon Gretzon

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

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Iggy Malone just wants to watch her soaps. She’s had a long hard day of super hero hi-jinks as her alter ego ‘Captain 4 Eyes.’ Now- She’s ready to go home and chill out. Unfortunately, the sinister, evil-bad, villain-type-person known as ‘The Golden Pimp’ simply won’t let that happen. He plans on taking over the world and taking over the airwaves. Will Iggy transform into her super hero alter ego ‘Captain 4 Eyes’ and save the day? Or, will she simply say, ‘To hell with it.’ and sleep all day? Tune in to find out!

After gaining the power of ‘super feel’ (under circumstances the editorial team wishes not to discuss..) -Miss Iggy Malone gains the power to transform into a super powered, balding, 40-something man known as ‘Captain 4 eyes!’ (..Or just C4 for short.)


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